Does your search box understand customers?

Don't miss the customers and visitors in-site searches.
Now, you can catch all searches and give smartest answers to your customers.
PrimeSearch adds artificial intelligence to your in-site search box.
We provide customized search box services using learning data prepared specially for your site.

Let's catch!! with
in-site search box ai services.

Catch your customers searches.
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In-site Services

Did You Mean
Multi Language Answers

Thanks to a series of language-independent analysis and correction algorithms tailored to the content (brands, products, features, etc.) on your site, your customers' searches are corrected at the highest performance.

Auto Complete
Real Time Completion

Suggesting real-time auto complete function for customer searches of eCommerce sites using your sites text, brands, products, models, features, product code, etc.
Integrated work with Did you mean service.

Best Matched
Trained Machine Learning models

Suggesting the most relevant product based on the search made, using Machine Learning methods customized for your eCommerce site.
PrimeSearch also suggests most similar products.


Our monthly/annually prices are depends on your exact needs and your metrics therefore please tell us your business needs and metrics. Let's a set a quick meeting.


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